Fresh, mild herbal aroma. Balanced, floral and fresh vegetal notes. Clean, fragrant aftertaste.
Elevation: 1400m

Tasting Notes
Alishan High Mountain Oolong is a vibrant, fresh green oolong with a mild, subtly sweet character that makes a popular choice in this category. This batch is sufficiently oxidized which mellows the green leaves into a milder, more full-bodied and balanced brew. As with all quality High Mountain Oolongs, there is a smooth viscosity to the texture of the tea, while maintaining its clean, fresh character.

High Mountain Spring Tea is known for its fresh, floral and mild herbal aromatic qualities. It offers a delicate balance of sweet and astringent qualities that leave an especially clean mouth-feel combined with a lingering, fragrant finish in the nose. Its a refined and complex combination of floral and sweet qualities with the inherent bitter/astringent character of tea leaves that gives Alishan High Mountain Oolong its claim to fame.

Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested by hand : April 21st, 2016
Origin: ChangShuHu, Ali Shan (1200m)
Process: Light oxidized and rolled Oolong

1. Bright and fresh dry green leaves with few stems. The brew's color is a bright and shiny yellow. It has a very good transparency.

2. The dry floral scent are light, fresh and flowery. The brew smells like fresh butter and spring. I even had scents of marshmallows!

3. The taste is sweet and powerful The aftertaste tastes is well structured and lasts for a long time.

These leaves come from one of the first harvests of Qingxin Oolong in ZhangShuHu after a particularly long wait during early spring. It has all the characteristics of a very good High Mountain Oolong, the power of Ali Shan and a very reasonable price.




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