Get serious about tea tasting with this competition sanctioned tea judging set. This brewing set allows you to do proper cuppings of tea the way professionals do in both competition settings as well as standard tea tastings conducted by tea merchants around the world.

Standard tea judging vessels: White porcelain 150 mL cylindrical lidded cup , white porcelain bowl, White porcelain spoon.

In Taiwan, the standard tea judging method is to brew 3 grams of tea for six minutes in 150ml of boiling water.

The brewed tea is then poured into the bowl and left to sit for 2 to 3 minutes to cool to a an optimal temperature. The next step is to examine the color and consistency of the brewed tea and then to view and smell the brewed tea leaves in the cup before finally tasting the tea.
Included: 1 lidded brewing cup, 1 bowl

Volume: 150mL


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